TRNSTN MAMA is governing goverance. Seven sectors of society are represented in a governmental circle which takes care of the structure and development of the organisation without claiming power. Each member of the circle TRNSTN MAMA represents a certain sector, but is open to engage in other sectors as well. People can be replaced, but the sectors remain the same, similar to the magic formula in the Swiss Federal Council.

  • Susanne Aebischer – Développement d’organisation

  • Marie-Paule Bugnon – Socio-culture

  • Christophe Joerin – Environnement

  • Florinel Radu – Architecture et organisation de l’espace

  • Martin Schick – Artistic & Research

  • Jonas Vonlanthen – Transition digitale

  • Vacant position

Ausgehend von dieser Struktur sind verschiedenste autonome
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